Name:Solder Bar 40/60 (Sn40Pb60)
Name:Tin Lead Solder Bar 40/60
Alloy:Tin Lead
Form:Bar / Stick
Place of origin:China

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  • Solder Bar 40/60 (Sn40Pb60)

Product Description

Tin Lead Solder Bar 40/60 

Tin Lead Solder Bar 40/60 is a leaded bar solder cast of 40% tin & 60% lead respectively (This alloy is also written as alloy Sn40Pb60), it's one of the major alloy in the tin soft solder family, which is used quite often besides alloy Sn63Pb37 & Sn60Pb40. All solder bars are without flux, so during using a proper flux needs to be used.  

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Features of Tin Lead Solder Bar 40/60

1. The melting point of soldering wire is 183~231℃, considered as mid-range melting point alloy and compatible with high temperature components.

2. Flows well and heats evenly, easy to use.

3. Sn40Pb60 Solder has good solder ability both in electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity

4. Excellent solder joint reliability.

solder bar feature

Applications of Tin Lead Solder Bar 40/60

This Sn40Pb60 solder bar is used for Electronic & Electrical Assemblies & general purpose soldering by ways of dip soldering or wave soldering, or soldering of copper roofing.

solder bar application

Packing of Tin Lead Solder Bar 40/60:

1. XF Solder bar 40/60 is cast into bar form.

2. And each bar is around 0.5 kgs

3. Every 25kgs of the bar solder Sn40Pb60 will be put into one carton 

4. We have plastic pallets to load the cartons, suitable for folk-lift operation and make it easier for shipping. 

solder bar packing 1

solder bar packing 2

solder bar packing 3

 Storage & using of Solder Bar 40/60

1. Make sure the 40/60 solders (Sn40Pb60) are stored in dry & non-corrosive place at a temperature between 10 to 40

2. Bar solders with proper storage could have a infinite shelf-life, though as time goes by the surface of wire might becoming a bit dull but it will not affect the actual quality of the bars.

3. Read the MSDS of XF solders carefully before starting using the solders.

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