How to select a good China Solder Wire Manufacturer and Supplier?

How to select a good China Solder Wire Manufacturer and Supplier?


General information of solder wire manufacturer and supplier worldwide

There're so many manufacturers and wholesalers and distributors of solder wires worldwide, such in China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, France, UK, Germany, USA etc. We have to say every business entity survives for a reason and every one has their own sector of market share. Manufacturing technology of solder wires are so mature nowadays, so a China-made solder wire comparing to a Europe-made solder wire might not have too much difference in quality comparison.


5 Steps on how to find a real and reliable China solder wire manufacturer:

But today our main topic is to discuss on how to select a proper and real China solder wire manufacturer and supplier (If you're directly looking to find a China solder wire manufacturer, but not a trading company):

Step one: Look at your potential supplier's website or if they have a ALIBABA or Made-In-China website, if you see the company sells lots of products ir-relative to each others, then most probably this supplier is a trading company. Take ourselves for example, We XF Solder are manufacturer of solder wire in China, so you can see on our website we only have the solder products and all the information we provided are professional and related to Solders, even in our Made-in-China webshop, we only have solder wires and solder bars listed on it. Because trading company generally will try to cover more product types in order to survive. But I'm not saying that trading company is no good at all, it depends from case to case, for example, in some cases if you're just looking at to buy just some kilos of solder wire or solder bars from China, it would be difficult for you to source directly from a manufacturer because it's too small quantity. But a trading company might keep some inventory and will be able to help you organize a small order and put together all your orders including other staff, such as solder irons etc to be sent out together, easy and no headache for you.

XF Solder wire website

Step two: Ask for business license from the potential supplier. For real factory or even just trading company, they must be registered in China government, and have a business license, though in Chinese. A fake supplier does not have that. And trading company from the business license you can see. Google translate app has the ability to translate the content even inside the photo, or you can ask any friend who knows Chinese to help you to review. Like us XF Solder, being as a China solder wire manufacturer, we're registered and we have business license to present to client any time.

XF Solder wire business license

Step three: Ask for references from your potential supplier of the solder wire. For example, you can ask your potential supplier of China solder wire manufacturer to give you some photos or shipping documents that they made for other clients under exportation. We have to say not all are willing to provide this, because some are confidential such as client information, it is also because of respecting privacy of other clients. But we XF Solder - a China solder wire manufacturer is willing to present to you some photos of our export cases as proof, and in case needed, with consents of our clients, we might give you their contact information for you to get reference and recommendation from our other existing clients.

solder wire reference

solder wire reference 2

Step four: you can ask your potential solder wire supplier in China to take some videos of their factory to send to you either by email, wechat or whatsapp. As video is difficult to be edited and be forged, so you can ask the China solder wire manufacturer to send you this type of video to verify if they are real manufacturer. If trading company or fake supplier they will not be able to do this.

Step five: don't go too much over on the price. Each manufacturer has his own cost, and if you're pursuing a price that is absolutely low than it should be, you might get a un-qualified product or a lower spec product. Simple for you to understand this logic, one ton of tin ingot in China now is about 21350USD, and if you want to buy or are buying a Sn63Pb37 solder wire at just 10USD/kg, then we have to say, most probably you will get a much lower spec, because for a Sn63Pb37, just the tin in side one kilo is 13.5USD already. So don't expect to buy ir-reasonable low price, that's we being as a reliable China solder wire manufacturer and supplier's suggestion.

Above are 5 steps for you to find a real China solder wire manufacturer, if you're trying to avoid to deal with a trading company, or are afraid to be cheated by fake company.

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