China solder wire no flux

China solder wire no flux


What is China solder wire no flux?

A solder wire no flux actually means that the solder wire is made of solid core, there's no flux embedded into the solder wire during production. This is just the opposite option to solder wire with flux core. In China we can produce both types and both of them are mature products in the market. And please under this concept China solder wire no flux correctly, this doesn't mean that we don't need to use flux, as even you choose China made solder wire no flux type, you will need to apply flux which you prepare separately to use together with this no flux solder wire.

Why choose China solder wire no flux?

As we know solder wire with rosin flux core is very convenient to use as everything is just to be done in one step, comparing to using a China solder wire no flux (solid core) which needs to apply flux separately, is easier. The thing is, in the automatic soldering process, for example, if soldering is done by automatic soldering robots or soldering machine which are in a continuous process, using a flux cored solder wire to solder might eventually lead to slight residue left on solderjoint which requires cleaning and this is no good for automatic soldering technology, specially when you need to solder a component at same place twice or even more, then the residue from a flux cored solder wire could be troublesome which might lead to faulty of solderjoint.


So there's not a firm saying which type is better, it's up to the actual soldering technology and soldering method to decide if to use a China solder wire no flux or with flux. Please be free to talk to our sales team at Email: or , Whatsapp/Wechat: 008613450770997, Main website

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