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China Soldering Iron Wire

Soldering Iron Wire

soldering iron wire

What is soldering iron wire?

Soldering iron wire is the solder wire that is to be used with soldering iron to conduct a soldering project. Soldering iron is the tool (heating tools) to melt the solder wire (the bond agent) and connect individual ICs onto a PCB etc. It's the necessary consumable in soldering work.

What types of soldering iron wire available?

It's normally classified as lead free soldering iron wire or leaded soldering iron wire, this is basically judged basing on if the soldering wire contains lead or not. Lead free types are environmentally friendly but cost is higher and melting point is higher too (meaning it's a bit more difficult to use) while leaded ones are lower cost and easy to work with (lower melting point, easy flowing) but in some applications that requires ROHS or REACH compliance then it's banned.

Specification of soldering iron wire:

1. Wire diameter: from 0.2mm upto 3.2mm

2. Core: rosin flux core 2.2% or solid wire with flux core.

3. Alloy: SAC305, SAC0307, SAC07, SN63PB37, SN60PB40, SN50PB50, SN40PB60 etc.

4. Weight per roll: from 50g/roll up to 1000g/roll.

5. Brand: XF Solder (private label is available).

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